Azan Time

The timely and correct performance of salah is the religious duty of every Muslim. Almighty Allah has ordered believers to perform each of the five daily obligatory prayers at a certain time interval and in the correct direction under any circumstances. Salah started even a second before the time for it has begun is not valid, and it is a major sin not to do the fard.

You can view on our website and print the salah schedule for Somersham for today, for the current week and for the whole May 2022. The table shows the sunrise time and the exact time of the beginning of the daily prayers - morning Fajr, midday Zuhr, afternoon Asr, evening Maghrib and night Isha.

The salah schedule is calculated according to canonical formulas, taking into account the position of the sun for geographical coordinates and the time zone of Somersham. The time is calculated by the Shafiyah method of London Central Mosque. You can change the settings and set Hanafi and the desired calculation method — the Muslim World League method or any other.

Allah will hear your prayers when you turn your face exactly towards the sacred Kaaba. An interactive compass map under the table will help you accurately determine the direction from anywhere in Somersham. Enter the address of the place where you are, and a clear line will show the Qibla.

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